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Zombie Shooter - Zombie.io(APK v1.7.03)

A few changes and additions to Rumble Star were announced recently. Amongst them was the Enchanting Unicorn. For the next two days, you'll be able to claim the Unicorn early through an event.The event is called 'A Change of Heart' as a nod to the unicorns new abilities. If you missed the announcement recently the Enchanting Unicorn is capable of making opposing players switch allegiances to your team for a brief time.This means that Rumblers that are annoying to deal like the Hipdozer can simply be converted to your side for as long as your Enchanting Unicorn stays alive. It's a good way to buy yourself some time and potentially get a goal courtesy of your opponents Rumblers. It could also force your opponent to use a few counters they were saving for you on one of their own. .

GAME NAME Zombie Shooter - Zombie.io

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com.sigmateam.Zombie Shooter - Zombie.io.free

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